unVideo Friday

Happy March, everyone! I decided earlier this week to do a video friday post as a regular feature because 1) loads of you seem to really appreciate the videos I put up and 2) it’s fantastically easy. However, in light of the fact that I just posted a few videos yesterday, and the realization this morning that the illustrious ClimbingNarc does exactly this same thing, I’m going to post some other tidbits today instead.

First, though, I want to add a little commentary to the above videos the Narc posted: the ABS Nationals highlights (also available: the full footage). On twitter, Jon Glassberg asked for input on these videos, and I’m relaying that request here: what did everyone think? Personally, I thought the footage and angles were great. They obviously put a lot of thought into their preparation for the comp and got some excellent shots of the climbers. Sadly, this made it all the more frustrating when the highlight videos were chopped up like mad–I don’t know if there was a single problem that was shown in its entirety.

Maybe this is reflecting my bias as someone who doesn’t do a lot of bouldering, but when I watch climbing I like to see how the entire problem flows, not just individual moves. It’s hard for me to appreciate what’s happening when I see a hard move, then a jump cut, then another hard move from a totally different position. However, I know that these are highlight videos and there’s a need to balance clarity against brevity. What’s the best solution? Perhaps show a full cut of each problem from a climber using the beta that wound up being most commonplace, followed by the more interesting parts of the various climbers’ attempts? I’d be curious to hear thoughts, and you can direct them to @jonglassberg as well.

Brendan Leonard over at Semi Rad has an inspiring post up today on his battle with alcoholism and the positive impact climbing has had on that fight. Definitely worth reading!

Daniel Woods has put up a potential new V15 boulder in Rocky Mountain National Park, but don’t know how to make that interesting without posting a video, and there’s no video available anyway, and even if there were I couldn’t post it today. unVideo Friday sucks.

Chris Kalous’ excellent podcast has a new episode up. This is Part 1 of an interview with Hayden Kennedy, which contains an extremely in-depth history of Cerro Torre, the recent controversy, and thoughts on said goatrope. It’s really interesting so far, but I haven’t had enough time to really focus on it yet. Lovely thing about podcasts though–I’ll give it a listen on the way out to Smith this weekend and come back with some Deep Thoughts for later. Check it out! Kalous has been making a go of this podcast thing for a while, and he’s always funny and deserves more attention, in my opinion.

In other, non-video related news this week… uh, Steph Davis bought a new car? John Dunne ate a bagel? Damn, this is hard. Seems like all the cool stuff happening this week was conveyed via video. Fucking ClimbingNarc, stealing my ideas years before I have them. Also, even though I said I wasn’t going to post videos, way more than half this post is videos or discussion of videos.

Ah, the hell with it. At least it’s Friday.

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