Oh god, pants

Yesterday as I was packing up my clothes, I had to make some tough decisions. What to store (very little) what to bring with me on the trip (even less) and what to toss (almost everything). This doesn’t really bother me that much: my wardrobe hasn’t changed much since college and frankly is in serious need of some winnowing down. I found a t-shirt I’ve had since 5th grade–apparently I liked my shirts to be more like moo-moos in my youth, because the thing fits me perfectly now.

Paring things down like this felt really good, and I was on a roll for a while, but then I came across my kryptonite. Climbing pants. I normally hate shopping for clothing, but for some crazy fucking reason the part of my brain responsible for mindless consumerism has become convinced that the one thing really holding back my climbing is my choice of trousers. And so yesterday I sat on my bed and tried on four different pairs of pants purchased/acquired specifically for climbing: a pair of canvas Levis I found on the ground at the Smith bivy, a $90 pair of Verve Xenos, a Kuhl jean of some kind, and a pair of nylon Prana pants worth about as much as the Verves. Of these, the random desert Levi’s are by far the best, but Levi’s has sadly stopped making them. The only other pair of pants to make the cut is the Verves, a snazzy spandex number that feels like wearing nothing at all.

It stings to give away a $100 pair of pants I just bought in the spring, even though I don’t really use them, but it definitely throws into stark relief some of the incredibly stupid uses I put money to. Makes me feel a little better about being on the brink of blowing through a big chunk of my savings on this trip–at least I know the memories will be worth it, unlike all this other shit I’ve bought!

While I was running errands today, I stopped by the Prana store to try on a pair of lime-green Mojo shorts. Dear god, what is wrong with me? Somehow I managed to avoid buying them.


For my Smith buddies: Ben Moon put up some photos he snapped of Alex Honnold while he was hanging around our neck of the woods. There are some great shots–can anyone name all the routes? I can’t quite figure out all of them.

Louder than 11 are continuing their ridiculous run of videos over the past few weeks with a film showcasing climbing in the Northeast with Paul Robinson and Tiffany Hensley. There’s also a trailer for the new Dave Graham movie making the rounds. Looks pretty rad! I don’t have much context for Climbing Is Our Medicine, but if you’re jonesing for some straight up climbing porn that’s light on context but has good shots of movement on rock, it should hit the spot.

That’s all for now. There are a whole bunch of really interesting blog posts that have gone up this week, but I haven’t really had time to dig into and process them yet.

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