Punch it, Chewie!

The last few weeks went by at lightspeed. I finished moving out, I gave away about 3/4 of everything I owned, packed up the rest, said goodbye to my friends, and hit the road for Vegas with my buddy Bob!

My goodbye party went really well, despite me unknowingly exposing everyone at it to strep. We partied exactly as hard as I wanted to, considering that I felt like hammered shit, and I was really touched to see all the people who wanted to come see me off. Portland has been very good to me–I have a lot of great friends there. What hit me during the goodbye party though is that you folks aren’t just my friends, you’re my community. My tribe! Considering what a deviant weirdo I am, I feel very blessed to be part of such a great group of people.

I definitely want to give a special shout out to Juan. Juan has been a really important climbing mentor to me, and although we haven’t been friends for very long, it feels like we’ve been buds forever. I don’t think I would have pulled it together to make this trip happen if it hadn’t been for Juan’s boundless enthusiasm and the positive impact he’s had on my attitude towards climbing. Juan, I’m proud to be your weekend boyfriend slash mancrush.

The trip down to Vegas with Bob was pretty uneventful, all things considered. We drove from 3:30pm straight through the night, arriving in Vegas at around 10am. After we turned off onto US-95 south, we went 200 miles without seeing a single open gas station, arriving at a Chevron at 6am. The fuel light went on at the exact moment we pulled up to the pump, which seemed like an auspicious start to the trip!

I’m here now with a bunch of Bob’s Club Sport proteges and friends in a house we’re all renting for the week. After they leave I’ll be out on my own, probably to the Owen’s River Gorge, and then I’ll turn back towards Colorado to visit my family for a while and get the platform built in my car. For now, though, I’m enjoying the company, the climbing, and the kitchen!


2 thoughts on “Punch it, Chewie!

  1. Yeah buddy! We miss ya already lawless. We had a nice toast to ya East Burn the other night and I traded pictures of with your girlfriend for about 20 minutes in a poker-like barrage of texts.

    Have a blast, stay safe, check your knot so your yoke don’t break, and is you shake it more than twice… It’s playing with it.

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