No news is good news

Back in town today to run some errands and catch up on the internet. Having an absolute BLAST in the Creek. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll have time today to really put together an actual, honest-to-goodness blog post. In its place, please accept this brief photo-journal of my past few days here.

I’ll get up some more detailed thoughts when I’ve been here for longer. So far, meeting lots of cool people, climbing lots of interesting routes, and learning a lot. Need a little more time to process it all! I will say that climbing a new style and being back on the steep end of the learning curve is both frustrating, because you suddenly kind of suck, and amazing, because you improve so quickly. I’m looking forward to honing my crack technique over the next few weeks!


3 thoughts on “No news is good news

  1. Ironically I am in the photo caption of this post. I take pleasure in the nostalgia of watching you get your ass whalloped learning the intricacies and beauty inherent to hard crack climbing. You don’t suck Toby, Trout likes you…….

      • Hah. It rotates! I have a half-dozen banner photos.

        Good to hear from you man, I’m enjoying the process. We’ll have to crush it at Trout sometime this fall, yeah? Hope the elbow is healing well!

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