Screamin’ eagles

I woke up this morning to a note on my keyboard I’d apparently written in the middle of the night. It just said “FUCK EAGLES” so I’m gonna roll with that.

I really like Trout Creek. There’s a lot that’s cool about the place. The gear is good enough that I can ‘lead’ things by constantly placing gear above myself so I’m basically on TR the whole time, but with the dual benefits of feeling like a badass for leading and being able to blame failure on wasting time fiddling with gear. Trad is the ultimate excuse generator.

On the hike out some guy was playing some Old Crow Medicine Show on his phone which was pretty cool. So now I have a new band to listen to which is another plus. Thanks Trout Creek! Thanks Old Crows!

You know a bird that isn’t cool though? Eagles. I’m sick of these giant bastard birds setting up their nests everywhere and ruining our climbing areas. Goddammit. Have you seen the size of those nests out at Smith? They’re like ten feet tall. They’re bigger than my house. What bird needs a home that big? Eagles are the 1% and they are ruining climbing for the other 99% of us.

I get that they were there first, but come on. At least at Smith the eagles keep to the crappier, chossier walls, but they’re considering closing all of Trout Creek for more than half the year to accommodate some eagles on the southwest corner of the bluff. Eagles: there’s chossy rimrock all over this state. Go put your nest someplace else! If the rock falls out from under you, who gives a shit?! You can fly. If we try to climb on choss we get our shoes all covered in moss and lichen, and that is just unacceptable.

I’m sure for the right price we can buy them out and send them on their way. So eagles, next time I’m at Trout, I’m gonna bring a big bag of dead rats with me and let’s sit down and have a negotiation.

As for all you people reading this, sounds like Jeff Wenger is already in contact with the BLM about this issue, so probably no use pestering them more about it. What you can do is come out to Trout Creek to show your support for the area and make it clear how many people love and use the area! Or maybe it’s better if you don’t come so our human impact is smaller. I dunno. Whatever.

Fuck eagles.